Sales Consulting

Professional sales work can be quite difficult. Especially if one has neither enough time, in-depth know-how, the right contacts or the sustainable network. And even then still not a walk, but a piece of it is easier in our highly competitive time.

We consult you with regard to these devices:

sales strategy

distribution channels


Distribution & Sales Agents

key account management

With pleasure we take over your key account management.

In most cases, this is done as part of a sales agent contract. However we support you in all sales questions.

From sales consulting to distribution of brands and products it is not a big step.

What is the sense of the best concept if you have no one to bring it to your potential customer? The need for good, serious and sustained operating sales structures is enormous.

Just from the beginning of our agency's work we were acting as sales agents for foreign cosmetics brands. We still offer this service as part of our portfolio.

Since April 1, 2015 we are proud and looking forward to our first distribution agreements for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Since we contracted our brands as distributor and as sales agents with focus on natural cosmetic brands and natural concepts, we have named this business glowing.nature. Visit us at, and discover the brands we are distributing.